Technique Solutions


Our mission is to safeguard the industrial workforce by providing safety solutions that target specific high risk areas and facilitate corporate TARGET ZERO objectives.


To be Australia’s leading safety specialist providing partnership for industry in its quest for ZERO incidents and evidencing a tangible effect on injury statistics with our ‘Target Zero’ initiatives.

Company Values

To deliver integrity, honesty, diligence and value in every circumstance with no shortcuts.


Technique Solutions is a progressive business and recognised as an industry leader.

Founded in 1993 and with a focus Australia wide we have partnered with a broad range of industry sectors in their quest to ensure their workforce returns home safely after each shift. This close alliance with industry has highlighted the benefit of refining and clarifying our focus to ensure we deliver tangible benefits to our clients by providing meaningful safety solutions. This refinement has enabled us to become a targeted supplier of safety initiatives to the construction, oil and gas, utilities and mining sectors not only within Australia but also supporting projects across North America, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the UK.

The Technique Solutions Advantage

We have the resources and contacts to bring innovative solutions from around the world to the Australian market that facilitate corporate TARGET ZERO objectives.

Our commitment to supply safety solutions that address specific needs within the industry brings a strong customer focus culture to our organisation. Our product mix, innovations and range of OHS solutions have been born out of recognised needs, we listen to what we hear from our customers and our product offering is shaped accordingly. We are committed to partnering with industry, building and maintaining long term mutually beneficial relationships. Our mission is underpinned by our values of integrity and total customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Technique Solutions – A leading specialist safety provider focused on safeguarding the industrial workforce.


STOP the DROPS Catalogue 2017

Tool Tethering Resource Manual 2017 STOP the DROPS Product Catalogue

Download (10mb)

FREE POSTER SET - Drop Prevention Awareness

Download (9mb)
Dropped Ojects White Paper

Whitepaper - Tool Tethers Save Lives!

Download (2.1mb)

TARGET ZERO Hand Injuries

Download (5.6mb)
Cooling PPE

Techniche Cooling Wear & PPE - 2017 Series

Download (2.3mb)
Technique Safety

Because Safety Can't Wait - Catalogue Technique Solutions - Safety, PPE & Workwear 2016

Download (7.1mb)



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